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The power is in the group, not the Individual

Unleashing Your Team’s Potential

Over the past two decades companies have been focused on their ‘top ten percent’ (i.e. high potentials) to the detriment of the other ninety percent of their population. This thinking just doesn’t make sense, and it only creates disengaged teams which ultimately impacts company performance. Plus, studies show that when you take a top performer away from their team, their performance drops.

We are getting 45% from our teams when we could be getting 85%.

Harnessing the collective power of a group may seem overwhelming to a leader.  It doesn’t have to be. All it takes is getting focused, organized, and intentional.

During this workshop leaders will learn;

  • The power of a group

  • Understand and manage individual and group behaviors

  • Leading a group; intention, team ‘promise’, effective structures and processes

  • Mental and physical management for optimal performance

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An Evolved Approach to Workplace Success

In nature, when the balance of an ecosystem is disrupted, some species begin to take over to the detriment of others.  This happens in business too.  When collaboration and connectivity are replaced with dysfunction and disengagement, people can become jellyfish, floating along, unable or unwilling to change course. Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over? builds on the idea of the workplace as an ecosystem that requires balance and constant change as keys to success. The parallels between natural ecosystems and work environments create an engaging, thought-provoking way for your leaders to learn about employee engagement, change management and organization design.

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