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The power is with the group, Not the Individual

Unleashing Your Group’s Collective Power

For the past two decades companies have focused on their 'top ten percent' (i.e. high performers / potentials) to the detriment of the other ninety-percent of their population. Focusing on only a few creates disengaged teams, which in turn negatively impacts company performance. Plus, studies show that when you take a top performer away from their current team, their performance drops. 

Harnessing the collective power of a group involves getting intentional and organized. And, it takes understanding group dynamics.

  • As humans, we are vulnerable. Social scientist Naomi Eisenberger explains; “Feeling excluded provokes the same sort of reaction in the brain that physical pain causes.”  Contributing to the workplace is important to every one of us.

  • As humans, we crave certainty and order. The more thoughtful and intentional a leader can be in organizing and running their business, the better people will respond.

  • As humans, we are social animals. We need to feel we are adding value to our team.  When we are able to learn and grow with others, our ‘reward’ receptors are activated. 

During this one-day workshop leaders will learn; 

  • Understanding and managing group behaviors 

  • Organizing to unleash your team’s potential

  • Meeting the needs of your team and your company

  • Managing time, efforts and energy for optimal performance  

  • Manager tool-kit; tips, tools and processes


DATE: July 29th & 30th - two half-day sessions; (7/29 1:00-5:00, 7/30; 8:00-12:00)

LOCATION: HJ’s Community Center; 6425 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64113

PRICE: $395 (we offer a discount to non profit organizations; please contact us directly)

SIGN UP: https://squareup.com/store/jane-walton-consulting

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An Evolved Approach to Workplace Success

In nature, when the balance of an ecosystem is disrupted, some species begin to take over to the detriment of others.  This happens in business too.  When collaboration and connectivity are replaced with dysfunction and disengagement, people can become jellyfish, floating along, unable or unwilling to change course. Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over? builds on the idea of the workplace as an ecosystem that requires balance and constant change as keys to success. The parallels between natural ecosystems and work environments create an engaging, thought-provoking way for your leaders to learn about employee engagement, change management and organization design.

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