It's time to put your high performer programs to bed

For the past two decades, companies have been focused on their 'top ten percent' (i.e. high performers / potentials) to the detriment of the other ninety-percent of their population. This thinking just doesn’t make sense. Focusing on only a few creates disengaged teams, which in turn negatively impacts company performance. Plus, studies show that when you take a top performer away from their current team, their performance drops. 

Leaders could get so much more from their team by increasing group collaboration efforts.    

Harnessing the collective power of a group involves getting intentional and organized. And, it takes understanding group dynamics.  

As humans, our brains operate on a ‘threat’ and ‘reward’ platform.  Every day leader’s are unknowingly triggering the ‘threat’ response in their people. They do this by; 

  • canceling one on one meetings

  • ‘last minute’ scrambles due to insufficient planning or communication

  • poorly organized meetings  

  • leaving issues unaddressed 

Regarding group behaviors, every leader should understand the following about their group;

  • As humans, we are vulnerable. Social scientist Naomi Eisenberger explains; “Feeling excluded provokes the same sort of reaction in the brain that physical pain causes.”  Contributing in the workplace is extremely important to every one of us. Not feeling important can be both mentally and physically defeating.  

  • As humans, we crave certainty and order. The more thoughtful and intentional a leader can be in organizing and running their business, the more people will respond positively.

  • As humans, we are social animals. We want to be a part of a group. We need to contribute and feel we are adding value to the team.  And when we are able to learn and grow with others, our ‘reward’ receptors are activated. 

For all of these reasons, and more – we have created a program that teaches leaders to unleash the collective power of their group. Program information can be found on our website or give us a call 816.898.6929 – we’d love to help you unleash the power of your group! 

Jane Walton