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Unleashing Your Team’s Collective Power

A few years ago I introduced a book, “Why Are The Jellyfish Taking Over?” where I compared a natural ecosystem (ocean) with a workplace ecosystem. I explored what happens when each get out of balance. Workplace – employees burnout and become disillusioned, distracted, and disengaged.  Ocean – explosion of jellyfish populations.
When I introduce this Jellyfish analogy and ‘balance’ action steps to a team I hear – ‘boy, does our company need this’.  When I introduce it to their leadership I hear – ‘oh yeah, we already do that.’  

Clearly there is a disconnect.  
Teams are desperate to get more from their leaders.  They want it and they need it.  They want to be more engaged and help to catapult their company to new levels. But, because their group is often disorganized and/or operating in a reactive mode, their thoughts and ideas never see the light of day.   
Leaders are overwhelmed with competing deadlines, pressing issues, and ongoing initiatives.  Many don’t know how to manage it all, so they focus on the most urgent.  Teams suffer because of this.  And, organizations miss out on opportunities for process improvements, new innovations and improved productivity.

I have created a program that I believe will close this connection gap.  "The Power is in the Group; Unleashing Your Team’s Collective Power".  By understanding group behaviors, and getting focused, organized, and intentional, you can unleash the extraordinary power of your team. By following this program, I believe your workload and stress levels will be reduced substantially. 

During this one-day workshop leaders will learn; 

  • business case: the power of a group 

  • meeting the needs of your team and your company

  • understanding and managing group behaviors 

  • organizing to unleash your team’s potential

  • managing time, efforts and energy for optimal performance  

  • manager tool-kit; tips, tools and processes

For those in Kansas City, I am launching my inaugural class – May 21-22, 2019 - and offering a substantial discount.  Space is limited.  Additional information and sign-up instructions can be found at;
Call if you have questions about the program, or would like to bring it to your organization; 816-898-6929. 

Jane Walton