Besides designing and constructing beautiful structures, A/E/C firms must be actively focused on two things in order to survive the environment in which they find themselves; 

  1. Understand how the industry is changing and how to get out in front of those changes

  2. Ensure that their teams have the help and support they need to meet project deliverables without killing themselves or each other

Firms are dealing with a lot today – hyper-connected clients, new delivery models, increasingly complicated projects, emerging technologies, and tightening timelines. As I’ve watched how these variables are impacting teams and firms, something is clear;  

The only way to counter complexity is to simplify

Firms need to be clear as crystal on three things;

  1. Where they should be focused

  2. How they should be organized

  3. How they must work together

All three areas take sizable thought and consideration to get it right. Focus on the wrong things and unintended consequences arise. Organize ineffectively and workflow and communication bottlenecks form. Lead teams differently and fiefdoms and silos emerge.

Taking inspiration from the art world we’ve created a process to help you refine your firm’s vision and organize your internal efforts to achieve business results. We call it Business By Design. The process is centered around five organizational design principles – focal point, contrast, movement, unity, and rhythm. These principles help you create a thoughtful vision, impactful partnerships, and streamlined execution. They help you foster environments where people feel connected and where processes and ideas flow easily.

We have a 45-minute Business By Design introductory presentation that we would be happy to present to you and your team.  We'd like to show you how you can create a beautifully designed organization.

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"To design is to devise courses of action aimed at changing

existing situations into preferred ones.”  - Herbert Simon