Don’t Hire Me to Fix Your Problems

I can’t fix your corporate problems.

After seven years of private consulting, I’ve come to the conclusion that, as much as I’d like to, I can’t. The problems are often too entrenched, too complex and too painful for people to face. And, if the issues stem from the person at the top, change is highly unlikely.

I also can’t resolve your issues in a few weeks or even months– or with the assistance of a couple of leaders – or by implementing a new project or initiative. Won’t work.

When an organization asks for my help, the problems are often deeply entrenched: layers of issues built up over time, ineffective management, disjointed business practices, people who have given up – vast divides formed between leaders, teams and departments. So by the time I arrive, trust and confidence are long gone.

Most of these problems are interpersonal. As humans, we can be pretty lousy at working with each other. We need a lot of help in this area. Often, people aren’t connecting with an organization because the organization isn’t connecting with them.

It takes a lot of time, focus and determination to turn things around. Most groups don’t have the fortitude or the time to focus on necessary improvements. You can’t assign a timeline or try to reward your way out of a mess. Broken trust takes admitting you were wrong, followed by thoughtful daily actions to rebuild and gain confidence. It takes a ceasefire of finger-pointing and blame. It takes people at all levels of the organization who are willing to step up and help out. And more times than not, it takes new leadership.

No, I can’t fix your problems. But you can.

It takes a team of open, committed and smart people to truly rejuvenate and reinvent an organization, along with time, resources and a willingness to look at things differently. It takes a yearning for something better, and a genuine commitment to:

  • Stop finger-pointing and start a discussion.

  • Tap on some new shoulders and ask for their help.

  • Gather different points of view to gain proper perspective on the situation.

  • Address issues thoughtfully and holistically.

  • Roll up your sleeves, step up and be part of the change!

And if you’re looking for that shoulder to tap, I’m here for you. While I can’t wave a magic wand to cure whatever ails your organization, here are a few things I can do:

  • I can bring expertise and an objective perspective to your situation.

  • I can bring people together to get the issues out on the table and find ways to address each one, collectively and holistically.

  • I can help you keep the focus where it needs to be.

In short, I can help. I will be frank, honest, caring and supportive. I will guide you in the direction you must go to address issues effectively. I look forward to working with you.