Why are the Jellyfish Taking Over?

Why are the Jellyfish Taking Over?


An Evolved Approach to Workplace Success

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Creating thriving, balanced workplace environments.


Employee disengagement is at an all time high. Why have so many people “checked out,” and what can be done to engage employees in a meaningful way?

“Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over?” introduces a powerful new approach to bringing collaboration, innovation and inspiration back to your workplace. Using natural ecosystems as a model, thought leader Jane Walton explores the common factors that can throw an organization out of balance, creating an environment where people act like jellyfish - drifting aimless - and offers solutions to restore that balance at the individual, team and organization levels so everyone can connect, contribute and succeed.

This small, thought-provoking booklet shares the concepts behind Jane’s programs through simple words and powerful visuals. Share with your leaders, management team or business associates to inspire new ideas and different perspectives.