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about Jane Walton Consulting

Where’s your industry going and how are you getting in front of those changes?

We are organization development experts who coach and train leaders to effectively manage their company in a proactive and deliberate manner.

We provide you with tools and processes that enable your team to collaborate effectively and unleash their collective power. 



Our Services


coaching & Advising

Move forward in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.  

  • planning for the future

  • differentiating your organization from competitors

  • evolving your company

Professional development

Expand your skills and strategic acumen. 

  • group collaboration

  • leadership development

  • change management

  • organizing for the future

We are an impartial third party and trusted advisor. Let us help you with executive coaching, leadership development, executive retreats, meeting planning facilitation.
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Jane Walton has been Described as the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of leadership advising. 

As the founder of Jane Walton Consulting, LLC, Jane brings over 25 years of team leadership, human resources and consulting experience to her clients. She has lead organization development efforts for Architecture and Engineering firms across the country.

Described as an executive’s lifeline and as the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of leadership advising, Jane helps leaders develop their strategic acumen and personal effectiveness.

An author and engaging, dynamic public speaker, Jane is able to address serious workplace issues in a direct but positive way.