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intersecting the worlds of business & design

There is a tremendous need for beautifully designed organizations in the world today.  Companies, departments and groups that are exquisitely thought through and arranged.  A perfect balance of vision, partnership and execution.  Where people feel connected and where processes and ideas flow easily.

Beautifully designed organizations are meaningful for employees, memorable for customers and impactful to the bottom line.

We take inspiration from the art world to teach you how to design your organization. Utilizing the basic principles of design organization - focal point, contrast, scale, unity, movement, and rhythm - you will learn to refine your company’s vision, organize your internal efforts and achieve business results. 


Principles Of Design organization

FOCAL POINT  Your organization's foundational focus that drives strategies, actions, decisions and investments 

CONTRAST  Test your focal point in relation to client demands, industry conditions and competition

SCALE   How deep or wide your organization must be to execute on your focal point

UNITY   How you organize to deliver on your focal point 

MOVEMENT   The level of effort, progression and drive necessary to support your focal point 

RHYTHM   Create repeating elements and cycles to generate both interest and organization momentum 


Program Goals & BENEFITS  

  1. Refine your firm’s vision, aspirations, and plans for growth
  2. Assess your firm’s focus and impact in relation to client expectations and employee engagement
  3. Design a culture that complements your company vision and is responsive to ever changing work conditions 
  4. Elevate your performance with cohorts, competitors, and clients

"To design is to devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones."  - Herbert Simon

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